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Basic philosophy

GS Yuasa Chemical Co.,Ltd is aware that global environment conservation is one of the most important challenges common to all humankind and makes the organization’s overall efforts to reduce environmental load and protect environment.


In order to improve environmental impact of all the activities, products and services related to manufacturing and sales of separators for lead-acid storage batteries and others, GS Yuasa Chemical Co.,Ltd aims to realize harmony with global environment promoting environmental management activities based on the following policies.

We are always aware of environmental impact related to our activities, products and services and make efforts to improve our environmental management activities continuously as well as to prevent environmental contamination and promote environmental conservation.

environment-related laws and other environment-related regulations and other requirements.

environmental impacts related to our activities, products and services, we address the following items as priority environmental themes.
(1) Reduction of heating oil use
(2) Reduction of gas use for commuting
(3) Reduction of industrial waste generation
(4) Improvement of the environment in the factory
(5) Environmental harmony with the community

We announce this environmental declaration not only to all our employees but also to outside the company so that every single person can positively practice environmental load reduction activities.

familiar with Shiga prefecture’s environmental basic regulations, observe Nagahama city’s environmental basic regulations and positively participate in environmental improvement activities in the community.

above, we set an environmental improvement goal, review it regularly and promote environmental management activities.

Date of revision: January 1st, 2018