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President Takashi Suzuki

Our company was established in 1974 as a member of Japan storage battery group and as a specialized manufacturer for production and sales of lead-acid storage batteries separators.
Today, lead-acid storage batteries are active all over the world in various fields like cars, bicycles, industrial batteries.
Separators are very important parts to contribute to the performance of lead-acid storage batteries and things like ‘long-life’, ’acid resistance’ and ‘reduction of electric resistance value’ are required.
In this situation, we continue to improve the quality and our products have been used by storage batteries manufacturers inside and outside Japan for a long time and we have gained enormous trust from them.
Taking advantage of the manufacturing technology of synthetic fiber separators that can withstand in harsh environment of storage batteries, we apply and develop it widely to various function paper such as evaporative humidification material sheets.
We are thinking of developing functional products in a new field to meet various needs in the future.
Here, Shiga prefecture is the birthplace of ‘Ohmi Merchants’. Their philosophy ‘Sampo Yoshi’ means benefits for all the three sides, “Benefits for vendors, customers and the society’, which means business should make both vendors and customers satisfied and the situation should lead to the happiness of the society as a whole.I think this philosophy is a very important social responsibility that can lead to our group’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 

PresidentTakashi Suzuki