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Glass tubes for lead-acid storage batteries

Glass tubes for lead-acid storage batteriesGLASS TUBE

Glass tubes for lead-acid storage batteries

Glass tubes for electric vehicles/Glass tubes for stationary batteries

Acid resistant glass fiber is corrugated and formed into cylindrical shape and is called a ‘glass tube.’ It is a product in which braid processed glass long fiber is cured by synthetic resin and used as a positive electrode plate for tubular type acid-lead storage batteries.

Superior acid resistance with achievement and the expansion and contraction of glass tubes against expansion and contraction caused by deep charge and discharge maintain filled positive electrode active materials and prevent them from falling off.

Tubular type glass tubes

They are generally used for tubular type lead-acid storage batteries. Products braided and cured

into a tubular shape are matched in a row, then passed through core metal and active materials lead powder is filled and sealed then treated as one positive electrode plate.

They prevent active materials from leaking into electrolytic solution (sulfuric acid) and maintain active materials for a long time even in the sulfuric acidity atmosphere so the durability of storage batteries is improved and sharp drop of electricity capacity is prevented. They are mainly used for general industrial storage batteries for forklifts that require long-life batteries.

Tubular type glass tubes

Glass fiber tubes

Core metal

Active materials