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Our website is an official website managed by GS YUASA Corporation and its related companies (hereinafter referred to as ‘the company’ collectively). In using this website, please read the following user policy and the company’s privacy policy carefully and agree with them in advance.

1.About copyright

The copyright of all the information(sentences, pictures, images, sound and every other literary works, hereinafter referred to as ‘Contents’ collectively) the company provides on its website belongs to the company or original authors and other right holders (hereinafter referred to as ‘copyright holders’ collectively).

Except for the cases where you print or preserve them for individual use or cases permitted by Copyright Law, secondary use like copy, reproduction. diversion, modification and sales of all or any part of the contents without the company’s prior permission is prohibited.

2.About the trademark and the logo mark

The right about the trademarks and logo marks shown on the company’s website belongs to the company or individual right holder. Diversion and reproduction of these trademarks without permission is prohibited.

3.About personal information protection

Personal information protection is equivalent of the company’s Privacy Policy laid down separately.

This website measures sites using Google Analytics of Google, Inc. to improve services. Google Analytics measures and analyzes sites through Cookie, but it collects logs without including the information to identify individuals.

Cookie is used only for understanding and analysis of overall tendency of users’ contents browsing of this website, and not for other purposes.


  1. About the contents of Contents provided on the company’s website, the company does not guarantee their accuracy, usefulness, certainty and others.
  2. The company may change or stop the constitution of the website, the use condition and Contents etc. without prior notice.

5.About the link

  1. About links from the company’s website to outside sites
    • The company’s website may contain links to other sites, but we are not always responsible for their contents and services. Please use them at your own responsibility.
    • The company does not recommend the use of the linked sites, their products and services. Also it does not necessarily mean that the company has special relationships such as partnership and cooperation with the third party of the links.
  2. About links to the company’s website

    Before you link your website, please agree with ‘Notes for links to the company’s website.’

    Notes for links to the company’s website.

    1. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the links to the company’s website.ツ黴€
    2. Using the company’s logo mark or setting a link without prior permission is prohibited. Please use the text in your company name for links.
    3. Links from websites that fall under the followings are not permitted.
      • Websites contrary to public order and standards of decency and decency laws, or those that contain contents capable of violating them.
      • Website containing obscene contents or contrary to social ethics, or those that has the possibility.
      • Websites containing contents that slander the company or the related companies, and their directors, employees, products and services.
      • Websites that are indefinite to be the company’s website (for example, users cannot confirm the company’s URL)
    4. We will have you delink immediately if the company considers your link is inappropriate or the company asks for delinking.

6.About recommended environment

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It may not be normally displayed unless you view with a recommended environment.

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Also, this website uses JavaScript for each page. If the functions of browsers are not enabled, functions or displays may not operate properly. Please view with JavaScript enabled.