HOMELead-acid storage batteries separatorsSuitable as envelope separators
Suitable as envelope separators

Positive electrode

Negative electrode

Glass mat

Pressing electrode plates controls falling of active materials caused by vibration

Envelope separators

Using low resistance envelope separators improves battery charge acceptance.

You can use negative electrode plates for batteries as an envelope (processed into a shape like an envelope) by white separators.
Envelope processing is an essential technology to prevent internal shortening of grids of expand grids frequently used for car batteries. White separators, when used with a mat (use them in a pile), can have extremely high reliability (short circuit prevention), long life and realize batteries with high merchantability.
Our white separators can be ‘enveloped’( wrapped like an envelope) easily by simple device on the market or envelope machines you already have for polyethylene separators. Whenever you have questions, please feel free to consult us. We would like to propose suitable device according to each customer’s need.

Glass mat and battery life1

Glass mat and battery life

Glass mat and battery life2

Currently, envelope separators are used without a mat. But our comparison test confirmed the result that even though separators
are ‘enveloped’ (wrapped like an envelope), without a mat, battery life will be very short.
Especially, in Southeast Asia where usage environment is severe (in hot areas where road environment has not been developed), the effect of delaying deterioration and falling of positive electrode plates is very important.
To build trust in the market where use conditions such as high temperature and bad roads are severe, it is by all means necessary to use separators and glass mats together as needed.